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Wife of Billy Bush files for divorce

Ending a marriage, like any relationship, is hard. However, the divorce process can get messy, as it requires spouses to make serious and difficult decisions. And just like any couple, those in the public eye also deal with the ups and downs that come with a relationship. Unfortunately, when it is clear that a marriage can no longer go on, these couples must also face the scrutiny of the public eye while going through this complicated and emotional process.

What is an uncontested divorce?

Whether we observe it among celebrities, friends and family members or in our own marriage, we understand that no marriage is safe from divorce. While some spouses are able to get through the rough times, others understand it is best to part ways. Although no divorce is a happy process, it can be easier if spouses work together and reduce the number of disputes between them. This essentially occurs when spouses do not contest their divorce.

Helping you navigate the ups and downs of divorce

Divorce can take on many forms. For one divorcing couple, this might look like filing for divorce and reaching an agreement on all divorce issues on their own. For another couple, this might look like disputes over custody, child support, property division and other similar issues. And for other couples, it might take on a whole different approach, as a spouse might seek to take protective steps because of domestic abuse.

Frances Cobain loses father's guitar in divorce

While there might only be a few reasons to get married, there are a wide variety of reasons to end a marriage. What it boils down to is that the relationship can no longer work, and the spouses are better apart than together. Divorce can be a very emotional and challenging time, but it is necessary to work through some important and sensitive issues to complete the process. In some cases, this means letting go of things that are very important to one spouse.

Jack and Lisa Osbourne go through an amicable divorce

Ending a marriage, no matter its length, is never easy. Spouses are faced with difficult decisions, and it doesn't make it easier when the end of the relationship is being observed by the general public. While divorce can be emotional and difficult for anyone, celebrity divorces have the tendency of being more challenging, as they are frequently scrutinized in the media and false information is spread in the tabloids. Many individuals in California and elsewhere seek to keep these matters private, as the details of dissolution can be sensitive.

What makes a prenuptial agreement valid?

No relationship is perfect, and they are certainly something couples must work on throughout their duration. However, when it becomes clear that no amount of effort and changes will make a marriage last, married couple will seek to get a divorce. Because this is a reality that roughly half of all married couples face, it is not uncommon for couples to prepare for this fate by drafting a prenuptial agreement.

Guiding you through the divorce process

Relationships tend to change over time. For some, this might be over a course of decades, others a few years; however, some married couples might see significant changes over a course of a few months. NO matter the length of the marriage, when couples no longer want to be together, dissolution is often the best step to take. Although it is a challenging life event to accept and is an emotional one, it is important to understand how to move forward with this process and how to overcome any legal divorce issues.

Appealing or modifying a final divorce decree

For couples in California that have gone through a divorce, they will likely agree that the process was anything but easy. These individuals will also contend that they would not want to go through that process again, even if it was uncontested and quick to reach a divorce decree. Unfortunately, some divorce spouses must revisit their divorce decisions, as it might become necessary to appeal or modify the order.

New tax law complicates divorce

Couples negotiating a divorce in California relied on long-standing provisions in the U.S. tax code that allowed the spouse who paid spousal support to deduct these payments from their federal taxes. However, the new federal tax law eliminated this deduction and will likely complicate divorce settlements.

Some potential down sides to prenuptial agreements

As we discussed recently here on our Tustin family law blog, a prenuptial agreement can prove beneficial in many ways for a couple preparing for marriage. But it is something to consider carefully, as there can be some down sides to a prenuptial agreement if a couple does decide to separate and divorce.


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