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Child support guidelines in the state of California

For many individuals in California and elsewhere, there is a deep desire and yearning to have a child. Thus, when couples decide to embark on this journey, there are some realities that they must face. Raising a child is costly, but couples are able to pool together their money and make it work. However, when parents split or divorce, this can present issues, as it might be difficult for one parent to meet these financial needs on his or her own. In these cases, it might be vital to seek child support.

Reasons to modify child support

Parents that are actively involved in the lives of their children want what is best for them. This not only means being there to support them mentally, physically and emotionally, but it also means being financially supportive. Raising a child can be rather costly, making it difficult for divorced parents to ensure all the needs of their child are met in both households. Thus, child support is often established as a means to ensure the financial needs of the child are continually met post-divorce.

What are the penalties for delinquent child support payments?

When parents divorce, there are many decisions to be made and issues to sort through. One of these is child support. For a parent that is required to pay child support, this financial obligation is outline in an order. Once an order has been established, that parent is required to pay child support unless they take steps to modify the order to terminate it. However, just because a parent doesn't agree with the order or cannot make an upcoming payment, this does not mean they can avoid paying child support. Failing to pay child support could result in serious penalties.

Costs child support is used to cover

No one realizes how expensive a baby is until they have one. Raising a child requires not only time and energy but also money, lots of it. Thus, when parents decide to divorce, the costs associated with raising a child must be addressed. Because child custody can vary from family to family, this can impact how much a parent is financially responsible. This also means that parents may have to establish a child support order.

How is child support calculated in California?

Having a child means many things to parents in California and elsewhere. For the most part, it means taking on the role as a caregiver and providing the child with his or her emotional, physical and financial needs. This needs still need to be met whether parents are together or not. Thus, during the divorce process, parents often need to address issues such as child support.

California child support agency recognized for performance

It often is not clear how expensive it is the raise a child until one has one. As a unit, parents are able to fulfill these needs, but when divorce occurs, this can put strain on this need. Because a child's financial needs must be met whether parents are together or not, divorcing parents might need to consider getting a child support order in place.

Helping resolve child support issues

We cannot control the way time impacts relationships. For married couples in California, time could mean distance and a union that is no longer built with love. Spouses can grow apart, meaning they have to make some challenging decisions. These choices can be major, as they could impact a family versus just two spouses. When parents divorce, no matter the reason, the needs of the children must take center stage. This is especially true when it comes to their wellbeing and upbringing.

Why would a parent seek child support modification?

There are some divorce decisions that are not easily made, no matter how necessary. When parents in California divorce, they must ensure that the needs of the child are met during this process. This means that the child's physical, emotional and financial wellbeing are addressed. When assessing financial needs, the costs associated with raising a child must be considered and how much each parent can contribute. In some cases, one parent might seek child support to ensure that they can cover the costs necessary to care for his or her child.

Problems with child support? There is an app for that

Dealing with divorce issues is never easy. However, dealing with post-divorce issue can often be complex and rather emotional. Thus, divorcing and divorced parents should understand that they may need to revisit divorce issues relating to their children. This is especially true when one parent seeks modification or enforcement of specific orders, such as custody or support.


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