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You can fight back against parenting time interference

During divorce, California parents are naturally concerned with the future well-being and stability of their children. The two parents often have differing opinions about what that means and how to make custody work, and sometimes, these disagreements do not stop simply because a divorce is final. Parental complications involving the children can continue for months, even years, after a divorce is final.

In some cases, custody and visitation disputes can give way to serious issues, including interference with your rightful custody time. This is the attempt of one parent to disrupt and negatively impact the child's relationship with the other parent. If you suspect the other parent is trying to alienate you, it is beneficial to take immediate action to fight back.

Efforts to damage your role as a parent

Parenting time interference can involve various types of actions, both direct and indirect, done with the intent to influence your child and undermine your custody and visitation rights. If you are experiencing any of the following actions, you may be dealing with this serious issue:

  • Preventing the child from seeing you, even on your designated visitation days
  • Refusing to return the child after visitation periods
  • Traveling with the child or threatening to move with the child without your permission
  • Speaking negatively about you to your child
  • Disrupting your communication with your child over the phone, Skype or texting

Interference with your parenting time is a direct threat to your rights and interests as a parent. You have the right to maintain a strong and active role in the life of your child, and you are entitled to seek a legal resolution when the other parent refuses to abide by the terms of the court order. If you think you are a victim of parenting time interference, you would be wise to seek guidance regarding the appropriate course of action.

Take steps to protect your relationship with your kids

It is challenging when you continue to have problems with your spouse regarding custody and visitation after your divorce is final. While it is frustrating, you do not have to navigate these matters on your own. You will find it beneficial to take immediate steps to protect your role as a parent by reaching out for help.

Parenting time interference is unacceptable and can negatively impact your children. A complete evaluation of your case can help you understand how you can fight back and preserve this important relationship with your kids.

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