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Child support guidelines in the state of California

For many individuals in California and elsewhere, there is a deep desire and yearning to have a child. Thus, when couples decide to embark on this journey, there are some realities that they must face. Raising a child is costly, but couples are able to pool together their money and make it work. However, when parents split or divorce, this can present issues, as it might be difficult for one parent to meet these financial needs on his or her own. In these cases, it might be vital to seek child support.

In the state of California, there are guidelines set for those seeking child support payments. These guidelines help the court determine the amount of money a parent or both parents must pay every month with regards to the expenses required to raise a child or children. While judges base there decisions on certain factors based on the guidelines set out by the state, this is not a straightforward process and it can get rather emotional.

While parent want what is best for their children, having to pay child support each month can be a difficult situation to deal with. Because each parent is legally responsible to financially support their child, the court makes an order based on the income level of both parents and the amount of time each parent spends with the child. When looking at income, the court will look at various sources such as money, tips, bonuses, commission, overtime, property, employment wages, self-employment earnings, unemployment benefits, disability, workers' comp, social security, pensions, dividends, stocks, interest earned on investments, rental property income and state lottery and prize winnings.

Once child support is established, this must be paid until the child turns 18 and has graduated from high school, turns 19-years-old or marries, dies or is legally free is some way. In addition, a court may order both parent to continue to support a disabled adult child that cannot support him or herself.

Although it might be challenging to work through this family law matter, it is important that parents understand the importance and value child support has in the life of a child. These payments ensure his or her basic needs and health needs are met. However, it is also important to ensure these payments are not too extensive and are the amount necessary to meet this need.

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