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You can fight back against parenting time interference

During divorce, California parents are naturally concerned with the future well-being and stability of their children. The two parents often have differing opinions about what that means and how to make custody work, and sometimes, these disagreements do not stop simply because a divorce is final. Parental complications involving the children can continue for months, even years, after a divorce is final.

Wife of Billy Bush files for divorce

Ending a marriage, like any relationship, is hard. However, the divorce process can get messy, as it requires spouses to make serious and difficult decisions. And just like any couple, those in the public eye also deal with the ups and downs that come with a relationship. Unfortunately, when it is clear that a marriage can no longer go on, these couples must also face the scrutiny of the public eye while going through this complicated and emotional process.

Child support guidelines in the state of California

For many individuals in California and elsewhere, there is a deep desire and yearning to have a child. Thus, when couples decide to embark on this journey, there are some realities that they must face. Raising a child is costly, but couples are able to pool together their money and make it work. However, when parents split or divorce, this can present issues, as it might be difficult for one parent to meet these financial needs on his or her own. In these cases, it might be vital to seek child support.

What is an uncontested divorce?

Whether we observe it among celebrities, friends and family members or in our own marriage, we understand that no marriage is safe from divorce. While some spouses are able to get through the rough times, others understand it is best to part ways. Although no divorce is a happy process, it can be easier if spouses work together and reduce the number of disputes between them. This essentially occurs when spouses do not contest their divorce.


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