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Reasons to modify child support

Parents that are actively involved in the lives of their children want what is best for them. This not only means being there to support them mentally, physically and emotionally, but it also means being financially supportive. Raising a child can be rather costly, making it difficult for divorced parents to ensure all the needs of their child are met in both households. Thus, child support is often established as a means to ensure the financial needs of the child are continually met post-divorce.

When child support is established through a court order, it is expected that a parent will continue to meet this financial obligation. However, certain event in life could hurt a person's ability to maintain this ability to pay. While there are legitimate reasons why a parent can no longer pay child support, some parents decide to not pay because they are being vindictive.

In cases where a parent cannot make payment because he or she lost a job or cannot keep up with the growing needs of a child, it might be possible to seek child support modification. If there has been a substantial change in circumstances, a parent could seek to reduce child support payments so a parent does not end up being delinquent.

In contrast, if the needs of the child are increasing and a noncustodial parent has experienced pay increases, it might be possible to modify child support to increase these payments. Regardless of whether child support is increased or decreased, it is important to understand how the process is initiated.

By filing a motion for child support modification, a parent can avoid facing serious penalties that could occur for not paying child support. Thus, it is imperative to explore your options if you seek to change the current child support order in place. This not only protects the rights of the parent but also addresses the best interests of the child.

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