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Helping you navigate the ups and downs of divorce

Divorce can take on many forms. For one divorcing couple, this might look like filing for divorce and reaching an agreement on all divorce issues on their own. For another couple, this might look like disputes over custody, child support, property division and other similar issues. And for other couples, it might take on a whole different approach, as a spouse might seek to take protective steps because of domestic abuse.

Reasons to modify child support

Parents that are actively involved in the lives of their children want what is best for them. This not only means being there to support them mentally, physically and emotionally, but it also means being financially supportive. Raising a child can be rather costly, making it difficult for divorced parents to ensure all the needs of their child are met in both households. Thus, child support is often established as a means to ensure the financial needs of the child are continually met post-divorce.

Avoid divorce stress on summer vacation

You married. You had children. You raised them for 10 or more years, then determined you no longer wanted to be in a marriage to their other parent. You divorced. Everything seemed to be going fine until summertime came. Now that it's here, you feel stressed, overwhelmed and worried that it's shaping up to be your worst summer ever.  

What are the penalties for delinquent child support payments?

When parents divorce, there are many decisions to be made and issues to sort through. One of these is child support. For a parent that is required to pay child support, this financial obligation is outline in an order. Once an order has been established, that parent is required to pay child support unless they take steps to modify the order to terminate it. However, just because a parent doesn't agree with the order or cannot make an upcoming payment, this does not mean they can avoid paying child support. Failing to pay child support could result in serious penalties.

Frances Cobain loses father's guitar in divorce

While there might only be a few reasons to get married, there are a wide variety of reasons to end a marriage. What it boils down to is that the relationship can no longer work, and the spouses are better apart than together. Divorce can be a very emotional and challenging time, but it is necessary to work through some important and sensitive issues to complete the process. In some cases, this means letting go of things that are very important to one spouse.


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