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Jack and Lisa Osbourne go through an amicable divorce

Ending a marriage, no matter its length, is never easy. Spouses are faced with difficult decisions, and it doesn't make it easier when the end of the relationship is being observed by the general public. While divorce can be emotional and difficult for anyone, celebrity divorces have the tendency of being more challenging, as they are frequently scrutinized in the media and false information is spread in the tabloids. Many individuals in California and elsewhere seek to keep these matters private, as the details of dissolution can be sensitive.

Following a seven-year relationship and a six-year marriage, Jack and Lisa Osbourne have decided to call it quits. Because the couple has three daughters, they made a statement that they are both committed to keeping the peace for their children. The divorcing couple says that they are taking a page from Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow's book. The couple coined the term conscious uncoupling, and the two have been able to remain friends after ending their 10-year marriage in 2014.

Jack and Lisa has three daughters ages six, three and 3-months. And while they are focused on being the best parents they can be for their daughters, they are also motivated to remain friends because they view their marriage something positive. The couple made a public statement asserting that they are separating lovingly and seek to remain best friends that are committed to raising their children together.

For many, divorce is not easy or straightforward. It can be difficult to face an ex throughout the process. While one may not be ale to remain friends with an ex post-divorce, it is possible to work through tis and other divorce issues in a civil and cordial manner.

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