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Costs child support is used to cover

No one realizes how expensive a baby is until they have one. Raising a child requires not only time and energy but also money, lots of it. Thus, when parents decide to divorce, the costs associated with raising a child must be addressed. Because child custody can vary from family to family, this can impact how much a parent is financially responsible. This also means that parents may have to establish a child support order.

There is a misconception that child support is used to cover only the basic necessities of a child. This, however, is untrue. Child support is used to cover a vast array of expenses related to child rearing. This includes costs such as school fees, medical costs, entertainment and extracurricular activities.

Guidelines are established in all 50 states, and these are used to determine the amount of child support is appropriate for one parent to pay to the other. While these guidelines are helpful, the court will take in consideration various factors. This includes the income of both parents, the ability of a parent to pay child support, the financial needs of a child and the amount needed to maintain the standard of living for the child.

The most common costs covered by child support payments include basic needs, such as food, clothing and shelter, medical care, uninsured medical expenses, educational fees, childcare, transportation and travel, entertainment, extracurricular activities and college expenses. When child support is awarded, one should note that a recipient parent is not required to prove that these funds are used for specific costs; however, one will need to prove this in matters where a child's basic needs are not being met.

Obtaining child support is often necessary post divorce. Divorcing parents may experience disputes and disagreements regarding this divorce issue; however, it is important that this family law issue is properly addressed and resolved Whether you are seeking to establish, modify or enforce child support, parents have rights in these matters.

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