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Factors considered in parental relocation

Being offered a new job or starting fresh in a new town sound like exciting opportunities. However, it can be a problematic situation for those with custody orders in place. Even when a custodial parent is seeking to relocate with their child that lives primarily or only with them, a non-custodial parent may take action to preserve his or her visitation rights, presenting issues for the parent that seeks to relocate.

Is your spouse hiding assets to keep them from you in divorce?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you feel like something was not right, perhaps as though the other person was not being completely forthright – maybe he or she was trying to hide the truth from you? There are many reasons a friend or loved one might do such things. One might be that he or she is afraid of what your reaction will be if the truth comes out, and he or she is trying not to upset you.  

Jack and Lisa Osbourne go through an amicable divorce

Ending a marriage, no matter its length, is never easy. Spouses are faced with difficult decisions, and it doesn't make it easier when the end of the relationship is being observed by the general public. While divorce can be emotional and difficult for anyone, celebrity divorces have the tendency of being more challenging, as they are frequently scrutinized in the media and false information is spread in the tabloids. Many individuals in California and elsewhere seek to keep these matters private, as the details of dissolution can be sensitive.

What makes a prenuptial agreement valid?

No relationship is perfect, and they are certainly something couples must work on throughout their duration. However, when it becomes clear that no amount of effort and changes will make a marriage last, married couple will seek to get a divorce. Because this is a reality that roughly half of all married couples face, it is not uncommon for couples to prepare for this fate by drafting a prenuptial agreement.

Costs child support is used to cover

No one realizes how expensive a baby is until they have one. Raising a child requires not only time and energy but also money, lots of it. Thus, when parents decide to divorce, the costs associated with raising a child must be addressed. Because child custody can vary from family to family, this can impact how much a parent is financially responsible. This also means that parents may have to establish a child support order.

Guiding you through the divorce process

Relationships tend to change over time. For some, this might be over a course of decades, others a few years; however, some married couples might see significant changes over a course of a few months. NO matter the length of the marriage, when couples no longer want to be together, dissolution is often the best step to take. Although it is a challenging life event to accept and is an emotional one, it is important to understand how to move forward with this process and how to overcome any legal divorce issues.


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