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Why would a parent seek child support modification?

There are some divorce decisions that are not easily made, no matter how necessary. When parents in California divorce, they must ensure that the needs of the child are met during this process. This means that the child's physical, emotional and financial wellbeing are addressed. When assessing financial needs, the costs associated with raising a child must be considered and how much each parent can contribute. In some cases, one parent might seek child support to ensure that they can cover the costs necessary to care for his or her child.

Even when a fair and workable child support agreement is reached, this does not mean it will remain in effect the entire post-divorce timeframe. In fact, many divorced parents must revisit these orders. As a child ages, his or her needs alter. In addition, the circumstances of each parent can change. One might remarry, relocate or even lose a job. This can alter the ability to pay child support or cause the need to increase these payments.

Child support modification is fairly common, as the life of parents and children can easily change. In fact, many parents request modification when it is clear that they can no longer make these payments. Even when this situation arises, parents are urged to still make timely payments, even if they are not made in full. Stopping payments altogether could result in hardships for the child and possible criminal consequences for the parents.

When seeking modification, divorced parents could come together and negotiate a new order on their own. Avoiding court is possible, but it is also limited to certain circumstances. If cost of living is at issue, a judge will be able to make these adjustments. When filing for support modification, it is important that one files with the correct court. This will ensure that the issues is timely resolved, avoiding possible penalties is making payments is at issue.

While it might seem like an easy process, it is not always one where parents see eye-to-eye. Therefore, obtaining legal assistance could help a parent take the proper steps, protect their rights and focus on the best interests of the child throughout the process.

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