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Appealing or modifying a final divorce decree

For couples in California that have gone through a divorce, they will likely agree that the process was anything but easy. These individuals will also contend that they would not want to go through that process again, even if it was uncontested and quick to reach a divorce decree. Unfortunately, some divorce spouses must revisit their divorce decisions, as it might become necessary to appeal or modify the order.

Should Face Time or Skype be written into your parenting plan?

When you decided to divorce, you weren't too thrilled when your soon-to-be former spouse told you about plans involving moving your children to a new location outside California or one that is still in this state but a great distance from where you'll be living. As a good father, you understand the importance of maintaining an active, close relationship with your kids as you all adapt to your new lifestyles and move forward beyond divorce.

Why would a parent seek child support modification?

There are some divorce decisions that are not easily made, no matter how necessary. When parents in California divorce, they must ensure that the needs of the child are met during this process. This means that the child's physical, emotional and financial wellbeing are addressed. When assessing financial needs, the costs associated with raising a child must be considered and how much each parent can contribute. In some cases, one parent might seek child support to ensure that they can cover the costs necessary to care for his or her child.

Problems with child support? There is an app for that

Dealing with divorce issues is never easy. However, dealing with post-divorce issue can often be complex and rather emotional. Thus, divorcing and divorced parents should understand that they may need to revisit divorce issues relating to their children. This is especially true when one parent seeks modification or enforcement of specific orders, such as custody or support.

Is shared parenting best following divorce?

A parent's love for their child is often unexplainable. Nothing can change this, not even an event such as divorce. But what divorce can do is alter the time spent with a child. Although the quantity of time is impacted, this does not impact the quality of their relationship. It is necessary in these situations to reach a custody agreement that works for everyone involved. While it may not look like the parenting plan that you had hoped, if it fulfills the best interests of the child standard, it is likely the proper order at this time.

New tax law complicates divorce

Couples negotiating a divorce in California relied on long-standing provisions in the U.S. tax code that allowed the spouse who paid spousal support to deduct these payments from their federal taxes. However, the new federal tax law eliminated this deduction and will likely complicate divorce settlements.


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