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Rumors of White House divorce highlight prenuptial agreements

Headlines about an alleged affair and payment of hush money between President Trump and an adult film star have persisted for weeks. With these latest rumors on top of numerous accusations against him of sexual harassment and even assault, some are speculating that Mrs. Trump may be considering or even preparing for a divorce.

While these are merely allegations and speculation, a divorce in the first family while serving in the White House would be a first for this country, and to many, may seem unimaginable. Naturally, Americans will ask, what would a presidential divorce look like? How would it work? The answer is that a presidential divorce, at its core, would not be too much different than what any Tustin couple would go through in a divorce.

Crucially, the Trumps have a prenuptial agreement. Thus certain issues, likely relating to property division, and perhaps alimony, will already have been more or less determined and agreed upon by the couple. However, the Trumps have a son together, and child custody and child support are two factors that cannot be included in a prenuptial agreement.

It's also possible that Mrs. Trump may feel that the terms of their prenuptial agreement are no longer adequate, with the President's relatively recent shift from real estate and television into politics and the presidency. Especially if she felt that she had some leverage over her husband, she could suggest a postnuptial agreement. Such an agreement could provide her with a more advantageous divorce settlement.

It is by no means necessary for Tustin couples to have a multi-billion dollar business empire on the line in order to take advantage of the benefits of a prenuptial agreement. And if their circumstances change during the marriage, a postnuptial agreement is one way to update the terms should the couple decide to split.

Source: Washingtonian, "DC Divorce Lawyers Weigh In: What Would Happen if Melania and Donald Trump Split?," Marisa M. Kashino, Feb. 1, 2018

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