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Establishing, modifying and enforcing child support

Every family in California comes has financial needs, particularly when it comes to raising children. When divorcing parents are assessing how best to continually meet the needs of their children, child support needs to be discussed.

It is never easy to talk about finances, especially when it comes to paying an ex-spouse for the care of a child. Despite the fact that any conversation about money is difficult, it is imperative that child support is established if it is necessary. At Niven & Niven, Attorneys at Law, our skilled attorneys know the ins and outs of child support agreements, modifications and enforcement. Thus, we are dedicated to helping parents in the Tustin area navigate their child support matters.

It is never easy to be in disagreement during or after the divorce process. Parents may not initially see eye-to-eye on the amount requested. Therefore, they may need to go through mediation or litigation to reach a final order. Even after a final order is reached, a parent might assert that they are not receiving enough or are paying too much. This can trigger an action to modify a current order. Finally, a parent may not uphold their obligations, failing to timely pay child support or pay at all. In these matters, enforcement might be necessary.

No matter the situation, we take the time to uncover all the details, gaining a full picture of our client's situation. We ensure our clients understand their rights so they can decide how best to proceed. To learn more, check out our law firm's child support website. Our goal is to not only reach a favorable outcome for out clients but to meet and protect the best interests of the children involved.

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