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December 2017 Archives

Actor seeks joint legal, physical custody of children in divorce

"Hard, but beautiful" -- this is how actor Bill Hader described parenting during an interview with Conan O'Brien several years ago. Tustin parents have likely felt something similar at some point; a recognition of both the challenges and the rewards of raising children. One challenge Hader and many other parents will also experience is that of a divorce with child custody issues to resolve.

Are you willing to share a home with your wife after divorce?

During your marriage, you were always quite content to be the breadwinner while your wife stayed home to take care of your home and your children. After all, you knew from your conversations with California business colleagues how expensive child care outside the home can be, so if there was a way to avoid that expense, you were all for it. When you decided to divorce, however, you immediately faced several decisions you knew you would have to make regarding your children - most urgently, where they would live.

Spousal support basics in California (part 2)

Last month we began looking in some detail at the reality of spousal support in California, in contrast to some popularly held misconceptions. Having reviewed the different situations in which spousal support may be awarded, let's continue with how courts go about calculating spousal support.

California case highlights parental responsibility, child support

Parents in Tustin who have divorced will generally be familiar with California's laws regarding the financial support obligations of parents towards their children. Even unmarried parents can be required to make child support payments. A recent court ruling in an unusual situation highlights just how seriously California family law takes this issue.

Can I request a child support modification at any time?

To request a child support modification in the state of California, a party must be able to show a change in circumstance. The only exception to this rule would be if the judge originally ordered a child support amount lower than the guideline based on the standard calculated formula. If this is the case, a modification may be requested at any time, under any circumstance.


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