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Appealing or modifying a final divorce decree

For couples in California that have gone through a divorce, they will likely agree that the process was anything but easy. These individuals will also contend that they would not want to go through that process again, even if it was uncontested and quick to reach a divorce decree. Unfortunately, some divorce spouses must revisit their divorce decisions, as it might become necessary to appeal or modify the order.

New tax law complicates divorce

Couples negotiating a divorce in California relied on long-standing provisions in the U.S. tax code that allowed the spouse who paid spousal support to deduct these payments from their federal taxes. However, the new federal tax law eliminated this deduction and will likely complicate divorce settlements.

Some potential down sides to prenuptial agreements

As we discussed recently here on our Tustin family law blog, a prenuptial agreement can prove beneficial in many ways for a couple preparing for marriage. But it is something to consider carefully, as there can be some down sides to a prenuptial agreement if a couple does decide to separate and divorce.

Rumors of White House divorce highlight prenuptial agreements

Headlines about an alleged affair and payment of hush money between President Trump and an adult film star have persisted for weeks. With these latest rumors on top of numerous accusations against him of sexual harassment and even assault, some are speculating that Mrs. Trump may be considering or even preparing for a divorce.

Spousal support basics in California (part 2)

Last month we began looking in some detail at the reality of spousal support in California, in contrast to some popularly held misconceptions. Having reviewed the different situations in which spousal support may be awarded, let's continue with how courts go about calculating spousal support.

Spousal support basics in California (part 1)

When a couple has reached the end of a marriage, there are a number of financial matters they will need to address. One major issue is what Tustin residents commonly know as alimony, or what California law calls spousal support. There are some common misconceptions about spousal support, so we'll be taking some time this month to look at just what the California courts say about it. The discussion is intended as general information only, not specific legal advice.

What are the differences between divorce and legal separation?

As discussed previously on our blog, Tustin couples may find that separating and ending their marriage can be much more complicated when they own a business together. This is one scenario among many where it may make sense to consider legal separation as a temporary phase before moving ahead with a divorce.

The end of a marriage and a business partnership

We wrote last week here on our Tustin California Family Law Blog about community property laws and the process California couples go through to divide their property at the end of a marriage. There are many potential complicating factors that can give rise to disputes, one of which is when partners in a marriage are also partners in a business.


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