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When a parent paying child support goes to jail or prison

Perhaps you're a Tustin parent who receives child support payments from a former partner, and you've just learned that he or she is going to be spending some time behind bars. Or perhaps you are a parent who pays child support, and you've been sentenced to prison. In either case, there are some important points to emphasize regarding child support payments and incarcerated parents.

California case highlights parental responsibility, child support

Parents in Tustin who have divorced will generally be familiar with California's laws regarding the financial support obligations of parents towards their children. Even unmarried parents can be required to make child support payments. A recent court ruling in an unusual situation highlights just how seriously California family law takes this issue.

Can I request a child support modification at any time?

To request a child support modification in the state of California, a party must be able to show a change in circumstance. The only exception to this rule would be if the judge originally ordered a child support amount lower than the guideline based on the standard calculated formula. If this is the case, a modification may be requested at any time, under any circumstance.

How are child support orders enforced in California?

Failing to pay child support can result in serious consequences and potential penalties to the non-paying parent. Parents who fail to pay required child support may wonder what they are. Parents who fail to pay child support, but are able to pay it, can be found in contempt of court for failure to pay. Contempt of court charges can lead to jail time so it is important for parents not to ignore child support orders and obligations and be familiar with child support enforcement tools that can help parents seeking to collect child support obtain it and ensure paying parents meet their child support obligations.

How the family law system addresses medical expenses

Child support obligations are important and so is the obligation that parents have for the medical expenses related to the care of their children. Parents are responsible for the extraordinary medical costs of their children that are not covered by the parent's health insurance plan. These expenses can include out of pocket costs such as deductibles, co-pays and prescriptions. They can include any medically necessary medical, dental and vision costs incurred for the child's health care.

Overview of California's child support guidelines

Like most other states in the country, California uses a child support formula that judges in California must ordinarily follow in order to calculate and order a correct amount of child support. The idea behind these guidelines is to ensure that parents in the Tustin area and across Orange County and the state get treated fairly and consistently when it comes to child support.

Could child care cost more than college tuition?

Arguably, the most contentious issue that comes up between divorcing or separated couples is child support. Those who are ordered to pay support may view it as a form of spousal support, since the custodial parent basically gets to decide how the money is spent. Those who seek support may not believe that they are receiving enough, given the difficulty of managing a household and a child’s expenses that are not covered through child support on one income.


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